Brett Howell, known by his stage name as Mr Redhatt, is a South African-British singer-songwriter and musician based in South London. He regularly performs at open mic nights such as The Magic Garden (Battersea), The Bread & Roses (Clapham Common) and can be found busking all over London. In November he teamed up with country singer-songwriter Patti Paige. "It's great accompanying Patti and sharing the stage with someone so inspiring! It's a lot of fun and Patti has introduced many new bands and singers I hadn't heard of before", he adds. Key musical influences include Rodriquez, The Crash Test Dummies, Franck Zappa and Beck.


He is currently working on a new album titled 'The Fourth Level' and features the songs 'I Love Cats', 'Wizards & Lizards' and 'Carl's Magic Garden'. He describes the songs on the album as "a bit quirky, some even odd... and some about my experience being skint and busking for bean money. Yes, I survived with little money on baked beans & eggs."


Brett's prolificacy demonstrates an unwavering passion for music. He continues to create and re-invent himself. "I'm incredibly grateful for the support that I've had so far. Looking ahead, I think the real challenge is harnessing my creativity and energy, and to keep growing,” Brett. 

"I sing and play the guitar. 

I like wizards & lizards, possums & pythons. Cats are my favourite beasts."